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Relax, Reconnect and Release

This weekend is aimed at getting you in touch with yourself and empowering your Inner Goddess. Learn to let go of stress as you feel more centered and able to deal with whatever life presents.

Just being immersed in the beautiful Prince Edward Country environment is a naturally peaceful experience; unwind, and reconnect body, mind and spirit. Enjoy community style accommodation. Creating connection between yourself, others and nature.

Nila’s intense and transformative workshop will teach you key tools EMBRACE YOUR INNER GODDESS, understand yourself better and experience life more fully.  Explore all aspects of yourself: MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

Embrace the Divine Schedule


25 Nov 2022           Timing: 6 to 9pm
Event Name
Welcome with Fire ceremony
Magic wand
Being in touch with you


26 Nov 2022           Timing: 4 to 9pm
Event Name
Wake up the sleeping beauty /Activation
Jiggle up the source
Steering is a good activity
Importance of Journaling and keys to focus
Mind body soul alignment


27 Nov 2022           Timing: 12 to 6pm
Event Name
Goddess Dance
Goddess ceremony /along with Meditation
Being in power
Difference between ego and self esteem
How to identify your baggage
Learn to say NO
Closing ceremony with certificates

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